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About is home to various webcomics, game reviews, sci-fi wallpapers, and some other stuff.

Lightfire is a versatile title, one that I use for a number of things. Firstly, as the title of this website, secondly as the title of various works of fiction, and thirdly, as the name of a character in the Lightfire universe itself.

Lightfire is a Science Fiction webcomic. The purpose of this webcomic is to tell my exciting science fiction story in a unique way. This comic is more of a graphic novel than a comedy strip, though I try to throw in some humor here and there. I also tried to continue the story as a weekly story, but I didn't particularly like how that was going. I plan to continue this series, slowly but surely, as I strive to improve my abilities to the point at which I could even make the comic popular one day.

Lightfire: Gamer's Corner is a Game Parody webcomic. The purpose of this webcomic is to parody various video games in an effort to get my audience to laugh or to see the game in a different way. I might put some non-game parodies here as well. This is your typical gag-like strip. You probably won't get most of the jokes unless you've played the game. Even then, it might not make sense, but a guy has to try.


About Devon

Devon is a self-proclaimed artist, web designer, and graphic designer. Current hobbies include making and reading webcomics, writing, drawing, reading forums, playing computer games, and music. See his portfolio here.