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By Devon Varesko

In the space age, human-kind struggles for survival. Earth took a turn for the worse. With overpopulation, the Earth could no longer support more people. So they started looking for more planets to make their home. They started by colonizing Mars, but it was hard. Rationing food and water was not an easy task among a people who were tired of sharing.

Planets were soon settled in remote galaxies, where there were many more Earth-like planets than in the Milky Way. Colonists volunteered to go either because they wanted more for themselves, or because they were promised land and other riches. They however, had to sign agreements to supply Earth with more resources in exchange for transport to the other planets.

Time passed, and people became happier as there were more resources for all. However, one planet had a problem. A group of colonists were tired of sending supplies back to Earth for the Earthlings to consume. Why should they give them resources? If they wanted more resources, they thought, then they should go get them, and not rely on the colonies.

In these remote galaxies, there is less law enforcement, so when people have difficulties, they often have to work them out themselves. Some pseudo-governments have formed, un-recognized by Earth's authorities. But, the harsh reality, is that they control the planets they are on, as reinforcements from Earth have limited mobility.

Due to the primitive nature of some planets, swords, maces, and other medieval weapons are used when nothing else is available. Guns are hard to come by on such planets, and if you are caught with one in the wrong place, it could get you killed. Life is hard, despite the bountiful land and resources, since everyone wants control of these.

On one of these planets, lives a mercenary. Hardened throughout years of difficulty in his life, he knows what it takes to survive. His name is Giles, but most who know him, call him Lightfire.