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Copyright Information, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimers

© 2011 Devon Varesko


The author (Devon Varesko) reserves all rights for all "self-made" comics, story, art, reviews, news, characters, blog, and other "self-made" content on Lightfire.



"Self-made" refers to anything the author (Devon Varesko) makes and posts on this site. Self-made items may be recognized by the words "By Devon Varesko". If something is not marked with those words, chances are it is self-made as well.

Fair-Use materials are not always credited. Such materials are usually screenshots of gameplay or video game box art, in which cases I make my best attempt to mention which game/movie/website/source it is from. I consider it fair-use to use screenshots or box art from games I'm reviewing or criticizing. Such use should always be with screenshots I took myself, or using promotional materials from the game company or it's publisher. If this is not the case, (such as if the image is originally from your third-party site) please inform the web master immediately.

If something is created and submitted by another individual, it will be properly credited to them - unless they have not indicated they wish to receive credit upon submitting it (in which case it will often be credited anyway), or wish to remain anonymous (in which case it will not be credited at all, or will be labeled "anonymous". If something has not been properly credited to you which you submitted, please contact the web master immediately.

Content posted by users in the LF forums may not follow these same crediting rules, although posts by a user are made to be automatically accompanied by the user's registered name.



Signing up for the forums and other services may require users to sign-up using their personal information. All information you submit is voluntary, however if you do not submit the information - you may be unable to use certain services. The Lightfire website and admin will never sell any of your information to any company or individual. We will, however, comply with U.S.A. law and may hand over such information if necessary.



Passwords are stored in a secured database. We do not have direct access to this database and cannot retrieve your password. Please keep your password(s) memorized and/or in a safe location. No one from Lightfire should ask for your password, do not give your password to someone who claims to represent Lightfire. Any actions made with your account(s) on Lightfire may result in consequences whether you were the person using the account or not.



This website has some parodies of various video games and other intellectual properties in the "Gamer's Corner" comics. These properties were made by and are owned by many different companies (or individuals). Neither the Lightfire website nor the author are affiliated with any of these companies (or individuals).

Each respective company owns (and/or most likely owns) the copyrights and trademarks for their game, product, service, etc. as well as their company itself (this includes - but is not limited to - their storyline, characters, costumes, and logos). Anything in the parody comics (currently titled "Gamer's Corner") should be assumed to be a parody of such an owned property - whether or not it is noted beside the comic.



Multiple users may have access to the forums. Unfortunately, this means the admins may be unable to find and remove all inappropriate content. The moderators, Lightfire, and's web master cannot be held responsible for the content of the bulletin board (AKA "forums"). If you find something that is inappropriate, please PM or e-mail the Site Admin and tell him where to find it so he can remove it. If you know you cannot handle occasional inappropriate text or images then please do not use the forum. If you do use them, then you agree to release Lightfire and all involved with Lightfire from any liability for whatever content is on the message boards (AKA "forums").



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