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The Mercenaries - In a Nutshell

As a group, the mercenary team is more advanced than many of the rest of the people living on the planet Treppia. Since they are so well equipped, the locals often hire them to take care of problems, or to ensure security at important events. The team is glad to do most jobs since they pay well, but a couple of them have reservations about doing unethical jobs (i.e. killing innocent civilians, etc.)




Lightfire's real name is Giles, but very few people know that. He is the leader of a mercenary group which was originally based on a mostly-uncivilized planet called Treppia, far from the Milky Way. As the leader he has a lot of duties, which can make things difficult for him.

He's serious about his job, and believes that should be expected since other people's lives are often in his hands. He also tends to keep mostly to himself, and isn't too interested in other people's personal lives. He's not exactly a rocket-scientist, but he has fairly strong technical skills, and can figure out how to hack computer systems, fix broken equipment, and jam radio signals.

Lightfire uses a Terrium Mk. 2 laser pistol, manufactured by Semicorp, and carries a regularly-sharpened titanium rapier for battle up-close, or in case he runs out of pistol batteries. He also keeps a Carriby Tru-ID plasma sniper rifle in his ship for those occasional long-range fights.

His body armor features spikes to keep things from getting too close, and his gloves, boots, and wrist-plates have small cutting blades on them to cut rope, wire, or to use in fighting should he lose his rapier. His cape is green and was designed to be used as a fire blanket, which could come in handy if Blaze got carried away with her mini-flamethrower. Of the team, he is the most skilled at ground-combat (i.e. guns, swords, fists, etc.)

Every good mercenary has their trademark, and Lightfire uses green equipment whenever possible. This also helps the mercenaries keep track of each other during missions.




Triggs got his nickname for being Trigger-Happy. He loves shooting people and other things and making stuff "go boom." Unfortunately for him, it's caused him to lose some hearing. He often rushes into things before thinking them through, and makes jokes all the time - even in the middle of a fight. He's quite a simple guy, and doesn't worry about much or regret anything. Despite his constant bloodlust and careless approach to life, he is a huge asset to the team, since he is one of the best pilots in the colonized galaxies.

Triggs uses an automatic EM-82 assault rifle, made by Earth Arms Manufacturing Company. He stole the gun from an Earth soldier who died in a fight with the Resistance on Ardan, after the scene had cleared, of course. Since he isn't particularly skilled with guns (though he is skilled enough to avoid friendly-fire), he is usually asked to give covering fire. Since his gun can't be stopped by electro-magnetic bursts, and he has plenty of ammo, the only other weapon he carries is a combat knife. He does, however, carry an E.A.M.C. standard rocket launcher in his ship for a rainy day.

Triggs uses medium armor - a few essential armor plates with a strong synthetic cloth shirt and helmet.

Every good mercenary has their trademark, and Triggs uses blue equipment whenever possible. This also helps the mercenaries keep track of each other during missions.




Blaze is a woman - the only woman on the team. Despite that, she isn't too popular with Triggs and Lightfire, and doesn't get along well with much of anyone for that matter. She has an over-developed temper, which is how she got her nickname. People complain that she is a little too "moody", but they shut up when she puts a weapon in their face. Thankfully, her qualities happen to work in her favor when her mercenary group gets a job to kill something - or someone. She has recently become more aware of her temper problem, and is secretly trying to use cognitive behavioral therapy to fix it.

Blaze joined the team when Lightfire rescued her from being executed on Ardan for stealing medical supplies for the Resistance - of course, it was just another job to Lightfire.

Strangely enough, Blaze's favorite weapon is an Earth Arms Manufacturing Company EF-55 mini-flamethrower, aquired while she worked for the Resistance. However, she realizes it can't be used in every situation, so she carries a Carriby Crossbar plasma pistol as well. When that fails, she has a steel machete (which she tends to keep in her ship), but it hasn't failed her yet.

Blaze uses a strong synthetic cloth as her "armor ." Instead of dragging around heavier armor and making herself a target, she believes dodging attacks is the best method to avoid injury.

Every good mercenary has their trademark, and Blaze uses red equipment whenever possible. This also helps the mercenaries keep track of each other during missions.