IRCvoxTTS (a GUI for Festival)

General Information:

IRCvoxTTS is a FREE* utility for Windows that acts as a GUI for the free speech synthesizer Festival. It can also synthesize speech live from IRC chat by reading chat logs from IceChat 9, but you don't need IceChat 9 unless you want to do this.

(*IRCvoxTTS is free for non-commercial use. It is also free for commercial use for entities with a yearly gross income under $100,000 USD. See License for details.)

I originally created this software for reading chat aloud from my Twitch TV IRC channel. It started back when I was looking for a TTS program that was free for commercial use. Well, Festival is free for commercial use, but I couldn't find a GUI for it. When I couldn't find one, I made my own.


Required program:

Festival 2.1.1 for Windows is required to use IRCvoxTTS.
It's available for free at this link: [eGuideDog] Festival SourceForge

Want a good voice to use with Festival and IRCvoxTTS?
I recommend "cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts". (See 2.1 downloads on

Optional program:

IceChat is available for free at
(You'll need chat logs from IceChat 9 to read IRC chat live with IRCvoxTTS.)


IRCvoxTTS_v0_1b_Win_x64 [.zip, 708KB] (Windows 64-bit)

IRCvoxTTS_v0_1b_Win_x64 [.7z, 622KB] (Windows 64-bit)

IRCvoxTTS_v0_1b_Win_x86 [.zip, 679KB] (Windows 32-bit)

IRCvoxTTS_v0_1b_Win_x86 [.7z, 597KB] (Windows 32-bit)

System Requirements:

IRCvoxTTS has only been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10.


IRCvoxTTS is currently available as a stand-alone build only. Unzip all the included files to the desired program folder and run "IRCvoxTTS_v0_1_Win_x64.exe" or "IRCvoxTTS_v0_1_Win_x86.exe" depending on the version.

News / Changelog:

5/13/2016 - v0.1 updated to v0.1b (single quotes fix for reading of contractions)

5/8/2016 - First public version of IRCvoxTTS (v0.1) released.

Known issues:

1. Festival sometimes fails to read out loud on first press of "Speak" button.
2. Text spoken with "Speak" button (from main edit field) may have massive delays if text contains repeated line-breaks and/or spaces.
3. Temporary buffer file (containing text to send to Festival) may fail to delete if program is forced to end unexpectedly.
4. IceChat chat log readout may be slow for long chat lines. (Up to 200 characters supported by default.)
5. "Voice:" dialog may not always display current voice correctly.
6. IceChat log readout might not work if your system's date format is not set to M/d/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy.
7. Live chat log readout may suddently stop after midnight, or may not be able to start until a message is read. (This is because an IceChat log file won't be created until a log message is sent for the given day. I may be able to implement a work-around in the future.)
8. In order to avoid reading symbol spam, readout of most symbols from IRC chat is currently disabled.


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DISCLAIMER: The author provides NO WARRANTY and the software is provided AS IS. The author shall not be held responsible for any damages or loss sustained due to the use of this software. The author is not associated with the Festival project nor IceChat. Your usage of Festival, voices for Festival, and IceChat are dependent on their respective licenses.

Copyright © 2016 Devon Varesko