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By Devon Varesko

Chapter 1, Part 1


"And stay in there," a henchman's rough voice said. The cell door slammed shut, and it's inhabitants looked up to see the new prisoner. It was a man wearing dirty pants and a blue shirt. "Triggs," asked one of the voices. "Lightfire," exclaimed the new captive, "it is good to see you."

"Hmmph," said the other prisoner, "great job getting captured, now how do we escape?" Her eyes squinted as Triggs turned to her, "I didn't come here without an escape plan, Blaze."

"Oh really? Where's your armor, where's your gun," Blaze barked. Triggs stared at both of them. Lightfire was just wearing his dark jumpsuit, and Blaze was wearing her usual thin armor - and neither had weapons. "It seems I'm not the only one lacking my equipment, so why don't you just cool it. Besides, I got the most important thing past the guards," Triggs retorted. Blaze rolled her eyes, "oh really, and what is that?"

"Shh, someone's coming," whispered Lightfire, just loud enough for both to hear. A small hatch whooshed open, and some plates with food were slid through it. In their moment of silence, they were able to hear the guards' footsteps trailing off.

"Now Triggs, what is it you've got," inquired Lightfire. "Breaching charges, it should be enough to break these hinges," Triggs replied, pointing at the hinges on the heavy cell door. "Alright, set them up, we'll use this bench for cover."

Triggs carefully attached a gummy material to the hinges, and put a small device in each patch of it. He then ran to join the other two under the bench. In a few seconds, there was a bang that sent their ears ringing - it had worked. The door was forced off it's hinges, and tilted out to the side. "Let's go," Lightfire ordered.

As they ran, an alarm sounded in the complex, and footsteps could be heard down the hall. "Quick, this way," Lightfire said as he motioned into a doorway, "they've got all our gear stored in here." They quickly entered and shut the door behind them. Guards' footsteps could be heard going down the hall toward the cell. Lightfire's head was against the door, listening. "Alright, let's suit up."

Chapter 1, Part 2


Now in full gear, Lightfire flicked a switch on his helmet. A sharp flicker and whir came from his goggles. "They're gone," he said, looking at an overlaying display which showed the thermal trail of the guards. He hit another switch. "This way."

Lightfire led Triggs and Blaze into another hall, and saw a grate. Triggs tried to lift it without success. Blaze pulled out her plasma pistol and rotated a dial, then zapped the edges as if welding, and lifted it easily. They all dropped in and she sealed the grate again to cover their tracks. They crept along through the small passageway until they could see moonlight drifting in from outside. Then they waited. They waited until the alarm fell silent and shouts of their captors could no longer be heard. "Okay, it's clear," Triggs whispered, "can we get out of here now?"

"Alright, lets go," Lightfire responded. He motioned to Blaze, who promptly sliced through the metal with her pistol as before. They snuck along until they came upon a shipyard. "Where are they keeping our ships," Blaze asked.

"Well, apparently it was too much trouble for Seku to hold onto them, so we're just going to have to hijack one of his," Lightfire answered, with a satisfied yet humorous tone. "Alright," Triggs exclaimed, "time to show Seku who he's messing with!"


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