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Outsider Storm Corps

Zap! - Sci-fi adventures webcomic. Complete with robots and aliens.
Outsider - Sci-fi webcomic. Humans reach the space age only to find out that they are in the middle of a war...
Storm Corps - Huge storms plague Earth after a jump-gate catastrophe, but the Storm Corps is founded to save the planet.
Crimson Dark - Sci-fi. Privateers and pirates are taking advantage of a war, but soon a hero finds herself on one of their ships.
Earth Song Graphic Novel - Fantasy. A young female finds herself among a group composed of many, mystical races.
Looking for Group - A Warcraft-like webcomic. Plenty of (grotesque) humor.
The Legendary Lilypad - LegendaryFrog comic... this has some cartoons, and it uses flash.
After the End of the World - Giant, cartoony robots in a post-nuclear conflict.
A Modest Destiny - Fantasy. Superheroes, supervillains, green slimes, a bunch of weirdos, and an evil twin.
Las Lindas - How to say? Anthropomorphic... or reverse anthropomorphic? Well, it's a "Furry" webcomic with some well-drawn art.
4Koma (Omake Theater) - Words in text bubbles are not necessary to portray some hilarious and often inappropriate situations...
xkcd - A popular webcomic featuring... mostly stick figures, science, and intellectualism.
Romantically Apocalyptic - Strange things happen after the apocalypse. Very strange, but beautiful things.
Cyanide & Happiness - Some cynical daily webcomic. Often inappropriate but funny.
MILK★ (Prologue) - Cute stuff in the future with... conspiracies? It's just the prologue, not complete. (See post here.)


Other Recommended Sites:

deviantART - Join a large community of amazing artists and other creative types, where you can post your images online for free. - Multi-user drawing site. You can work together with other artists to make online drawings at this website.
Steam - Purchase and download video games straight to your PC (via your broadband internet connection). (Req. Steam client.)
Humble Bundle - Often features good sales of video games where you basically pay what you want for them. (Read more here.)
Digital Blasphemy - Cool CG desktop wallpapers, many for free.


Recommended Free Games:

Planetside 2 - (2012) Free-to-play sci-fi combat game. FPS-style with vehicles, bases, territories, etc.
Savage/Savage XR (2003, 2009) - Free fantasy FPS & RTS hybrid game. Classes, siege, guns, etc. (Download from
Savage 2 (2008) - Free-to-play fantasy FPS & RTS hybrid game. Classes, siege, guns, etc. (Download from
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud - (2008) Free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. Multiple races/classes. (Notice: Has cash store.)
Quintessence: The Blighted Venom - Free 2D Fantasy RPG with a long, rich story, mostly told through good cutscenes and some retro-style gameplay.
Ogame - Free-to-play space strategy game. [Browser-based.] Colonies, fleets, trading, and more. (Notice: Has cash store.)
Vanquish Space - Free-to-play space strategy game. [Browser-based.] Daily point system. (Notice: Has cash store.)


Friends (logos property of respective website owners/admins):

Wanderhomies - Community for Star Wars Galaxies Veterans from the "Wanderhome" server.
The World of Unknown - Adam's website.


Recommended & Free Software (List of some of the best PC utilities):

OpenSource (free to use & redistribute) programs:

GIMP - 2d image-editing tool (comparable to Photoshop)
Blender - 3d modelling tool (comparable to 3dStudioMax or Maya)
Firefox - Web Browser (comparable to Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
VideoLAN (VLC) - Video/Media player (comparable to Quicktime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc.)
7-zip - Archiver/Compression utility application (comparable to WinZip, WinRAR, etc.)
TrueCrypt - Create encrypted files or drives for more private, safer storage of your sensitive/important files.
FileZilla - FTP program. Upload and download files from your web server with this handy app.
XAMPP - Apache web server (PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc.) Great for local development testing of PHP websites.
Mumble - Voice communication software, AKA VoIP software. (Similar to TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, Skype, etc.)
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - Stream video to video streaming websites like,, &
Audacity - Audio recording and editing program. (It's like Windows Sound Recorder, but on steroids.)
Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) - Create music using sounds and samples (on Windows and Linux).
MP3Gain - Normalize, equalize, and otherwise correct audio levels (on single audio files or as batch).
MuseScore - "Create, play and print sheet music for free with MuseScore"
IceChat - IceChat is an awesome free IRC client.
Quassel IRC - Quassel is a good free IRC chat client.
Synergy+ - Use your mouse and keyboard for other computers in your network. Toggle between screens/PCs.
Code::Blocks - C++ IDE. Use it to program computer programs with the best of them! ("Them" being other programmers.)
Dev-C++ - Programming environment (comparable to Visual C++, I guess)
Notepad++ - A text editor geared towards coding in a variety of languages.
Aptana Studio 3 - Web Development tool, has a free version (HTML, CSS, etc. syntax highlightning, find & replace, etc.)
NVU - Web Development tool (comparable to Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc.)
Space Engine - Explore the universe (and many computer-generated objects) for free. (free for non-commercial use)
Celestia - Explore our solar system, stars, and other space objects in 3d. (See readme for image copyright information.)
Stellarium - See views of space as from ground locations on Earth. (See readme for image copyright information.)

Freeware programs:

AVG Free - A popular free anti-virus program with free updates.
(64-bit) - Keep Windows from messing with your Desktop icons - save and reload icon locations.
Game Booster 3 - Optimize your PC's performance for better speed for gaming and other intensive applications.
PangoBright - Darkens screen video to a some adjustable amount... can be quicker than using monitor's brightness buttons.
TTSReader - Easily playback text with a computerized voice. (AKA "Text-to-speech" software.)
Festival - Command line text-to-speech synthesis. (Similar to TTSReader, but so far it provides no GUI.)
TeamViewer - Good remote desktop software. NOTICE: Starting settings may grant full control of your PC to people you allow to connect. This can be changed to different access levels.
Sound Capture - Records available audio sources (like Windows volume controls) directly to MP3 at your specified quality.
MP3DirectCut - Edit MP3 files by cutting out selections, increase/decrease volume of an entire track, and more.
MP3Trim - Application you can use to trim seconds off the start and finish of a sound file, or add fade-ins and fade-outs.
FLV Player - Plays Flash Video files (.flv) pretty reliably.
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (VMPK) - Play music with a variety of MIDI instruments from your mouse or computer keyboard. - Play music in your web browser on a virtual keyboard (with mouse/computer keyboard).
Free Download Manager - Resume downloads from where you got disconnected, pause downloads to download later, etc.
Smart Defrag - Defragment your Windows PC more efficiently.
Path Scanner - Find the longest paths in Windows, so you can fix super long paths that break the OS. (i.e. can't copy)
Free CD Ripper - Get the music off your CD and on your computer (I have no idea if this works with copy protection).

Other Great programs & Free Stuff:

Twins video to iPod-Zune-PSP-3GP - Reformat your videos for playback on your mobile device.
FormatFactory - Convert your files to most common media formats (whether audio, video, or pictures).
Winamp - MP3/Multimedia Player. Free to use basic version(s) that can play music/video etc. Pay versions open up extra software features (such as ripping CD's). Also can play live audio streams, such as SHOUTcast internet radio stations.
AutoIt - An easier way to code simple Windows programs, main purpose is for automating tasks, but it's very versatile.
SciTE4AutoIt3 - An editor that can be used for AutoIt coding / scripting. (Read more about it here.)
WindowedBorderlessGaming - Play most of your PC games in borderless windowed mode. (Also see: Steam Group)
See Through Windows - Make windows transparent or opaque, or even click-through. (Learn more.)
CopyTransManager - [Lite/Shareware?] Transfer files and other data between PC and iPhone without using iTunes.
FurMark - GPU benchmarking and stress-testing software. (For advanced users only, as it can overheat your GPU.)


Sources of Information, Web Tools, & Other Notable Websites:

Google - Pretty much the best search engine... so far. Also has the best free web-based e-mail... so far.
Wikipedia - Free information on nearly every subject including philosphy, psychology, and medicine. Community-created content.
AlternativeTo - Find alternatives to most popular software.
WolframAlpha - This "computational knowledge engine" can solve math problems, create on-the-fly info charts, and more.
DuckDuckGo - A less invasive search engine, but not as thorough.
Google Maps - Find an address and get directions. Find a business or service in your area. Or just explore the maps!
Google Images - Search the internet for pictures & images.
Google Voice - Get a phone number and voicemail for VoIP phone calls and internet texting (limited regional availability).
wsIRC (Website IRC) - This free web-based IRC client makes it easy to join IRC chat rooms from practically anywhere.
MIT OpenCourseWare - Free online lectures, quizzes, and other learning materials. (No degrees or certifications, though.)
Home Facts - Moving in USA? Use this site to check out the area first, there are some things you might want to know.
Yellow Pages - Business directory. Can find contact information for almost every business in US (and possibly elsewhere).
Kotaku - Video game blog and review website. Covers most popular games. Tends to report a lot on Japanese games as well.
Manga Tutorials - A list of epic tutorials for drawing lots of stuff in manga style, it's a great guide for beginners. - Find a font for almost any occasion. (Be warned that some fonts are just rip-off copies of other fonts, though.)
Romaji to hiragana converter - For simple Japanese characters. Sometimes better than toggling keyboard mode.
Tiporama Image Size Calculator - Image resolution blues? Convert measurements from pixels to inches and the reverse.
Digitally Imported - Electronic music, multiple genres. Free with ads or subscription with no ads.
Grooveshark - Music website with a lot of music. You can listen to a lot of stuff for free.
SoundCloud - Also has music you can listen to for free. Can also upload your own music, somewhat popular for indie artists. - Great place to buy computer hardware, mostly because it has a great store search filter. - What started as a place to buy and sell books is now one of the best online stores for good deals.
Woot - One single main deal is featured on this website daily, with some other things for sale as well.


Video Streaming sites:

Don't have cable TV? Need something to watch? Check out these websites:

YouTube - The popular video website, run by Google since 2006. You can post and view videos online for free.
Netflix - Pay subscription film/episode service. Has a fairly limited selection, but some are really good (if mostly old) movies.
crunchyroll - Free (subscription removes ads) video site. Primarily hosts episodes of some popular anime as well as asian drama.
Hulu - Subscription & ad-supported video site. Hosts a variety of TV shows that would normally only be on cable TV. (Regional.)


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