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News Archive for January to December, 2007

News (From most recent to oldest.):


12/4/07 - Tuesday: "Tabula Rasa - New MMO"

NCsoft, a Korea-based Corporation with offices in North America, launched their new game title, Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa, on November 2, 2007.

Tabula Rasa is an online game known as an MMO, or a “massively multiplayer online” game that takes place in a science fiction setting in which Earth was invaded by aliens.

The characters in the story were supposedly transported off of Earth with a number of other survivors by a secret wormhole to other worlds, where they fight the same alien force that devastated our planet.

As with many games of this type, the primary focus of the game is “military combat”. However, instead of traditional turn-based gameplay, Tabula Rasa plays more like a First-Person Shooter than most MMOs.

Players’ characters are capable of using unique abilities called “Logos” to help them in combat. These abilities include things like hurling a lightning bolt at an enemy, and creating a wave of shrapnel to attack nearby enemies.

The game had a couple hiccups after release, including a buggy footlocker system – the place where a player can store his or her in-game items – as well as some unbalanced abilities.

The Tabula Rasa development team plans to release patches to compensate for these problems soon.

Typical aspects that Tabula Rasa shares with other MMO games are multiple game servers, grouped missions, instanced areas, and a map with a waypoint system.


11/20/07 - Tuesday: "Troll Chieftains 1.04"

Just a small update from 1.03 to 1.04. The cinematic is now shorter, and due to the shortness, I removed some references to the cinematic from unit descriptions in the game (basically just changed a few other small things to compensate). As before, I've updated all links to have the newest version of the map.

From now on, you can just assume I've put the newest version on the downloads page.


11/19/07 - Monday: "Troll Chieftains 1.03"

I've updated all old links for my map to go to the newest version (1.03). After some play testing online, I've made some changes that I think people will like, including shortening the introduction sequence a bit. Keep checking the downloads page for newest versions, as I may update the map from time to time.

Also I should note that this map is for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Don't expect it to work with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, because you'll need the expansion .



11/19/07 - Monday: "Troll Chieftains"

Ah... yeah, I've been busy with things again. This time, I bring you a Warcraft 3 map...

Ugly Troll

Troll Chieftains! Head on over to the downloads page to check it out, or just download it now!



10/14/07 - Sunday: "Progress Report"

I bet you've all been wondering what I've been up to. Well, I'm working on a Warcraft 3 map that I hope to finish within another week or so. I will try to post it here ASAP. In the mean time, I'm not sparing alot of time for my site (as usual). Still, if any of you have WC3, this is just a heads up that you could check out my site in a few weeks to see if I've completed the map.


9/7/07 - Friday: "Gamer for Hire"

It's late at night (actually, early morning) and I can't sleep. I've got this crazy idea in my head that I could be a Gamer for Hire. What do I mean by that? Ever wanted to have a buddy alongside you fighting mobs in an MMO? Ever need a healer/priest for a raid in WoW but can't find one? Wish you had an extra buddy around so you don't get ganked as often? What if you could hire someone for these sorts of things at an hourly rate of only $12 an hour?

This is something I'm definately interested in doing - at least part time. If it ever flew as an actual business idea, I could see myself going full time into something like that. I have no problem assisting people even with the most boring parts of gaming - that is, if I got paid for it.

Usually when I play games -it's all about me and/or my guild. Other players can't typically expect to get consistent help from players like me - though I do give free help from time to time.

Lets face it, not everybody wants to play certain classes in games like WoW. Not everybody wants to do some of the more boring things in MMO's like in some where you have to collect resources, etc. Some people even have trouble figuring out how to even play a game and/or their chosen class.

The real difference here between what has already been done, and what I'm suggesting - is that you would be paying another player with their own account to simply log in and play with you (or rather - for you - but not as your avatar)... to do whatever it is that you can't find anyone else to help you do in the game.

Tell you what - if you are seriously interested in starting something like that - shoot me an e-mail with the subject line "Gamer for Hire" and I'll get back to you ASAP. Don't care if you are someone planning to start a business based off this idea or someone who wants to actually hire me for this sort of thing. Either way - I'd like to hear from you.


8/27/07 - Monday: "Been a while..."


I know, it's been a while since my last post, but for some it may be worth the wait. I've completed my first Counter-Strike: Source map, and you can get it on the Downloads page.


7/24/07 - Tuesday: "Another little project"

I've been working on another planet, but it hasn't been turning out the best. Here is what I have so far:

3d Planet Render

I made the following "map" for geography of the planet:

Terrain Outline

And created the following map using Blender, and editing in GIMP to wrap properly:

Planet Terrain


6/29/07 - Wednesday: "Amazing ad..."

It's great when you are looking for a job online, and come across a nugget like this:

See Circled Word

Apparently they need a good communicator to take the place of whoever posted this ad. *snicker*


6/20/07 - Wednesday: "Lightfire Wallpaper"

Lightfire Wallpaper

The first Lightfire wallpaper is now available on the downloads page.


6/6/07 - Wednesday: "New Update"

I've made a new Lightfire comic, and I've also changed / updated some links.


5/31/07 - Thursday: "SC2"

Blizzard has announced StarCraft 2 on their World of Warcraft site, and StarCraft 2 has it's own site now as well. You can go over and check it out.


5/26/07 - Saturday: "New Wallpaper"

Digital Blocks

I made a tetris-style wallpaper. It's nothing fancy, but you see it in the downloads section.


5/21/07 - Monday: "Starcraft 2..."

I just bumped into this surfing the web. It's apparently an article covering Blizzard's announcement of Starcraft 2. Skeptics say it is still years from release, what do you think?


5/20/07 - Sunday: "Want to Write?"

I'm just going to throw this out here. I know that not alot of people read my site regularly, but if anyone is still interested in having their Game Reviews or some other site-related content published on for the world wide web to see anyway (or at least a very small portion thereof), then please send me an e-mail at or use the contact form here.

Why write here as opposed to a larger site that may give you more recognition? Don't ask me. I can't think of a reason. But if you can, let me know.

Some Do's and Don'ts:

Do Not:

Clarify that you are interested in being a volunteer.

Send me an example of your writing.

Tell me why you want to volunteer to help me with writing articles.

Give me the information you want to be included in your article, such as that with should be used as a credit to you.

Be smart, creative, and not too serious about this. It's just volunteering for helping write articles for a small website.

Send things you want me to publish after we agreed you can be a volunteer writer.


Send an e-mail if you are looking for a paid job.

Send someone else's writing.

Ask - or even expect - to be paid for anything you submit or do.

Give me false information, or give me information that you don't want published without making it very clear that you don't.

Be rude, obnoxious, or for lack of a better word - stupid.

Expect to have FTP access to my website.

5/20/07 - Sunday: "A Game of the Cube"

Added my first GameCube game review! It's about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Read it here.


5/18/07 - Friday: "Screens"

Nod vs. GDI

Added a screenshot to the Command and Conquer 3 review.


5/12/07 - Saturday: "New Lightfire"

Lightfire Comic

I've posted a new Lightfire comic! This one continues directly off of the previous storyline.


4/28/07 - Saturday: "New Review"

New review for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars in the Game Reviews section.


4/28/07 - Saturday: "Awesome-ware"

Here's some free programs I've found and tested myself, which I think are just amazing considering they are free...

OpenSource programs:

Blender - 3d modelling tool (comparable to 3dStudioMax or Maya)
GIMP - 2d image-editing tool (comparable to Photoshop)
NVU - Web Development tool (comparable to Dreamweaver)
Firefox - Web Browser (comparable to Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)


Freeware programs:

Sound Capture - Records from mic, or whatever your computer is playing directly to MP3 at whatever quality you want.
MP3Trim - Application you can use to trim seconds off the start and finish of a sound file, or add fade-ins and fade-outs.
MP3DirectCut - Edit MP3 files by cutting out selections, increase/decrease volume of an entire track, and more.
Free CD Ripper - Get the music off your CD and on your computer (I have no idea how this works with copy protection).
Free Download Manager - Resume downloads from where you got disconnected, pause downloads to download later, etc.

I may also be adding this to the Links page so it doesn't get lost in the News Archives.


4/27/07 - Friday: "Wallpapers"

Wireframed Planet

Wallpapers are available on the downloads page!


4/21/07 - Saturday: "Problems"

My computer crashed on me a couple weeks ago, and I've been working on getting everything back how it was. I didn't lose too much that was important, but because of it I'll be having problems keeping up on updating my site for a while (not that I've been updating it a whole lot as it is).

In other news, I've been working using GIMP to make a number of cool space pictures that should soon make their way into the downloads section.


3/25/07 - Sunday: "Remixed"

If you're a big music fan, you've probably heard a good share of remixes. Some of these are good, and some are much worse than the original. In any case, I just wanted to take a moment to praise the good remixes, and bash the bad ones, and I think I've just met that goal. If you remix something, make sure the instruments are approrpiate and that it actually follows a steady beat. Thank you.


1/19/07 - Friday: "Electromagnetic what?"

There is a Star Wars game called "Battlefront" and it's sequel is "Battlefront 2".  In both games, there are these electromagnetic grenades.  The "human" or "clone" team has them, and they are supposed to be used against the droid team.  Nevermind the fact that we have no idea how such devices would work per se.

But have you ever wondered why they seem to act more as an electric fence?  Apparently all they do to humans is zap them.  While this is effective enough for gameplay, I would rather see it disable any (and all) weapons that the human is carrying for a period of time.  Seriously, they are using laser guns (which presumably would build and/or store it's charge electronically).

Honestly, if it is an electromagnetic disturbance that the grenades cause, then it should disable all electronic devices including a laser gun .  That seems to be a much more realistic portrayl of what would happen then zapping the human character like they stuck a fork in a toaster - by the way, don't do that.


1/19/07 - Friday: "MMO Races"

I came up with this a while ago, and finally felt like using it somewhere, so here it is.

 The following chart shows which races from Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft seem most similar to me:



Night Elf

I know, I know, I don’t have races for the expansion.  Actually, I don’t have the expansion for WoW just yet XD

Anyhow, here is my reasoning…

Undead sometimes have what look like horns sticking out of their heads, and often look pale, both things that Zabraks have as well.

Humans just look like humans, same in WoW, SWG, and every other game.

Night Elfs remind me of Twi’leks because everyone considers them the “prettiest”.

Trolls relate to Trandoshans in the fact that their feet are never freaking covered.

Orcs are like Rodians because they are often green.

Tauren are like Ithorians because their necks are all messed up.

Gnomes are like Sullastans because they know so much about engineering.

Dwarfs are like Wookiees because their long hair and beards make them resemble Chewbacca. LOL


And there you have it, a summary of SWG races compared to WoW races.  That is all.


1/18/07 - Thursday: "Themes"

As you probably have already noticed, I've changed some of the colors and layout of my website today.


1/11/07 - Thursday: "Portfolio^2"

I've updated my portfolio, and made it easier to access by using a slightly different theme (it helps remove the clutter). I will need to do a little re-designing of the pages for aesthetic appeal, but the point is it's up and works, you can view many different projects I've worked on. Enjoy!


1/9/07 - Tuesday: "New Year"

Well it is a new year again, and I do actually have something new for you. It's a game review for the game Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. Click here to check it out.

I've also changed the way you can access comics. Clicking the Lightfire or Gamer's Corner image links at the top will now take you to the first comic of the series. From there you can click on Most Recent to see the newest comic, or Next to view the comics in sequence.