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5/14/09 - Thursday: "Yeah... That... Stuff"

Once again my internet connection is barely working. I had to try for about half an hour to upload a single page. Wait, it's working better now. Oh nope, it was just playing a sick joke on me. Now it's back again. No wait, nevermind. Hey! I think it might work...

In other news, I'm considering making a new template for my website, adding some more to my portfolio, and I am wondering if anyone would be interested in some 3d graphics tutorials? Anyone? Maybe doing a tutorial will help me get back in the "zone" so I can get more done. I'm also considering using Disqus for my comments or shifting to Wordpress. I haven't decided yet. Maybe I will just use Disqus in the meantime so people can at least reply.

What do you think of adding portfolio pieces to my Facebook updates?

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