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10/05/09 - Monday: "Dear Aion"

Do something about the Kinah spammers.

Aion Spam

Aion Spam

Okay, at least Aion is fun. I mean, you can *FLY*. You have wings... or do you?

Aion Flight

You can in fact "fly" in some parts of the game world, but only for a limited time. You can actually fly much higher than I'm even showing in this above picture. I can understand the time limit, it would get tiring flapping those tiny wings with even tinier pectorial muscles and large body mass compared to most avians, after all.

Aion Gliding

But gliding? Why a time limit on gliding? I mean, you are letting gravity do all the work. And why the sudden inability to fly now that I've crossed a border from one zone to the other? Like, OMG, I've suddenly lost my wings - scratch that I can glide here but I can't fly - I guess the air density here just isn't favorable since I crossed the freaking border. LOL

Alright, there's my main qualms about this game. However, I have to say so far it is in fact, "fun", and probably worth paying the subscription, if it seems like your type of game.

PS - Aion is a lot like WoW. No, really. I'm not just saying that because it's a fantasy MMO. Try it, maybe you'll see it too. Most of the zones are linear like WoW, travel includes a "flight transportation" like WoW, etc. Of course then you have the slightly more unique chain-casting and definitely better graphics - if your system can handle them. All I'm saying is there's too much holding this back to really compete. Where does it go above and beyond WoW? With wings? I mean, flying mounts are in WoW...

PSS - Small post about spam grow to large complain about game. Surprise at self. See all next time.