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News Entry

10/07/09 - Wednesday: "Nutrition: Let's Be Reasonable"

While surfing the web, I came across this article that claims "billions of people (are) expected to die" because of something called "Codex Alimentarius", which coincidentally seemed to have the ring of a name of a cult of the damned. But upon further reading it was clearly just an inflated article about what seems to be a very minor problem, if a problem at all.

I know that health supplements (AKA vitamin pills) might be really valuable to some people, but I hardly believe that the inability to purchase a few excessive pills would just happen to result in the loss of billions of lives. Even if food standards became insanely strict due to something like this, it isn't like they can keep you from growing your own food, which provides what you need, and has done so since the dawn of civilization.

I honestly don't see how someone could actually be convinced that supplements are necessary for life, when they weren't even around for our ancestors. You shouldn't have to rely on them in the first place. (Not to mention, they are a huge waste of money that would be better spent on actual food, you know like grains and produce, so you could eat right. i.e. - On food instead of pills that basically just have condensed and over-processed versions/extracts of food. Speaking of which, are you even sure what's in your supplements is healthy?)

I mentioned pills because supplements seem to be the only real concern cited in the article. I can't say I know exactly what is in the "Codex Alimentarius", but I am quite certain that I'll notice if I'm dying because of it.