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01/14/14 - Tuesday: "Legend of Kindara: RPG Maker Game on Kickstarter"

Legend of Kindara

Today marks two "firsts" for me. One is publicly announcing development on my first "real" video game, Legend of Kindara, and the second is my first Kickstarter campaign! Since I'm still a big newbie to actual game development (despite the programming and design classes), I'm starting simple and making the game with RPG Maker.

I know there are more worthy projects on Kickstarter that haven't received funding, but I also know there are projects that seem insufficient for the amount of funding and attention they recieve. So I thought if those projects could succeed, then there's no good reason that if I take my project seriously I shouldn't be able to. After all, my game will be much better than many of those other projects that somehow still meet their fundraising goals.

I've read posts by people complaining that most (if not all) RPG Maker games don't deserve any funding, but they never said anything about attempting a Kickstarter project themselves. All I can say is that if this is successful, then I'll be happily plugging away at a great game idea I had while they are off to whine some more on internet forums. And if my fundraising campaign fails, it won't be much of a surprise, and I'm sure I'll learn some valuable lessons.

If you are interested in helping me pursue this project, visit my Kickstarter project page. The minimum pledge is $2, which gives you a digital copy of the game when it's released. As per Kickstarter's terms, any pledges received will only be used if I reach my $12k USD project goal. Of course if I don't meet my fundraising goals, I won't be making the game.