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04/05/14 - Saturday: "Space Engineers - 33% Off"

Space Engineers is on sale today on Steam as an Early Access game. Currently it is on sale for a limited time discount of 33% off. I recommend it to anybody who likes sci-fi and building things. This is the coolest game I've played that is remotely like "Legos in space" or "Minecraft in space". I guess you could also compare it to Spore's space stage.

You can build ships and then fly them, you can build space stations, you can add weapons, crash ships and watch them explode into tons of pieces and see the metal blocks bend, warp, etc. You can build ships and tow them, mine and refine resources from asteroids, dock with other ships, salvage materials, and more. Multiplayer has some bad bugs at the moment, but if you are worried about that, you could buy it now and play later (buy while on sale, then play once the bugs get fixed).

Keen Software House has been doing fairly regular updates to the game, which is much better than most other Early Access games in the Steam store. (If I understand correctly, they are doing weekly updates on Thursdays. This is in contrast to sporadic updates that are months apart, which some developers have been doing.)

Despite some bugs and the fact that some of the players aren't very considerate (e.g. crashing into your ship in a multiplayer game), the game is in a playable state and fun to play. It is also worth noting that it is a bit light on the sci-fi, apparently the goal for the game setting is realism based on technologies that we may have in the relatively near future, so implementation of FTL travel and laser guns are unlikely, but at least you can use missile launchers and gatling guns on your fighters.