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06/26/14 - Thursday: "Space Engineers Dedicated Server Save Name"

Here's how to customize your world name (or save file name / title) for Space Engineers alpha dedicated server:

Before doing anything, you will probably want to stop your server(s) in the dedicated server UI/console.

1. Find the save file(s):

e.g. C:\ProgramData\SpaceEngineersDedicated\(server instance name / server name)

2. Change name of the folder located in the "Saves" folder to the new game name.*

3. Go back up a directory (main folder for the instance) and in the file SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg, change "LoadWorld" XML tag to new folder name in step 2.

4. Back down in the "Saves" folder, and the new save folder name, go to Sandbox.sbc and change "SessionName" XML tag to the new game name. (This file is in the same folder as the asteroid data.)

5. To be on the safe side, also change name in LastLoaded.sbl under the "key" XML tag.

*There may be a character length limit of approximately 30 characters. (I thought it was 32 but the most I counted on other DS was 30.)