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05/09/16 - Monday: "IRCvoxTTS (a GUI for Festival)"

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I finally finished the GUI project I started a few years ago. It's called IRCvoxTTS. This program essentially provides a graphical user interface for Festival (a console-based text-to-speech system). I also decided it would be awesome if I could read from my Twitch TV chat (similar to a Japanese program I've heard being used on Twitch TV), so I added the option to read from an IceChat 9 chat log file (a free IRC client). I was motivated to make this when I couldn't find another existing GUI for Festival. I had done a lot of work on it but got stuck in a few places and just put it aside for a good while. I'm proud to say I finally finished a usable version that is good enough to release (although it's still far from complete).