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GAME REVIEW - April 28, 2007

by Devon Varesko

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is a futuristic science fiction RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game. This game follows in the same storyline as the original C&C Gold (95) and Tiberian Sun games, and the GDI and NOD are fighting again.

Some of the distinct differences between this game and the previous games in the series are the use of a 3d engine, building and controlling infantry as groups ("squads") instead of one at a time, the ability to build base expansions using a one-use mobile vehicle (not the same as an MCV), and a new side/team to join the battle, named the "Scrin".

NOD returns with stealth tanks and stealth-emitting base defenses, and GDI's back with mammoth tanks once again with the addition of the "Juggernaut", a very long-range artillery unit. And indeed, when you select the Juggernaut unit, it will in fact exclaim "I'm the Juggernaut," from time to time. There are a number of other new units as well.

All in all, I've got to say I'm suprised that EA made such a great sequel to the other C&C games. Some of my friends may know I haven't always been a huge fan of EA games, but with the Need for Speed games and Tiberium Wars, they are finally earning back their reputation with me. (Despite the fact that the Need for Speed games have some really cheesy movies...)

Teams are relatively well balanced, and gameplay can be fast and furious at times. As usual a main focus of the game is earning tiberium and using it effectively. However, I've heard some complaints that tanks are over-powered as people have been doing tank rushes a lot as of the writing of this article. Their problem with it is that when people use tanks over and over and keep winning it keeps the gameplay from being as dynamic as it should be.

Singleplayer takes you back to the good old days where you can select missions from a map and do GDI's or NOD's bidding. The in-game movies are back as well - with a number of talented actors. Interestingly enough, at one point in the NOD campaign there is actual footage of gameplay on one of the screens behind Kane.

Multiplayer is relatively similar to the other games, and seems to have taken it's example from C&C Generals. Players can join an "Automatch" game or "Custom Match", allowing them to join a server or create one that suits them. There were a few network issues at launch that were promptly patched, but there are still a few bugs here and there. Still, it's nothing that really keeps you from playing the majority of the time. It can be pretty bad though if you have network problems, since you can get disconnected from the EA authentication servers, and when that happens you get kicked out of the online game browser.

One thing that's bothered me about the recent C&C games in multiplayer is how some good players will make "newbie" servers, and people with scores like 50 wins to 1 loss will play against newbies with a score of something like 1 to 50. I don't think that should be allowed for ranked games since it basically makes the whole rank system pointless (i.e. it practically gives them free wins). Add that to the fact that anyone can create an additional online nickname and then you have a bunch of self-proclaimed "newbies" who are actually really good players. It makes ranking a mess, really, and you can't really rely on the ranking system.

In summary, Command & Conquer 3 is a great game for any fan of the C&C series. I think it's a game any good RTS player should check out.

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