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GAME REVIEW - June 14, 2006

by Devon Varesko

Starcraft (PC)

My Rating: 7 out of 10


Starcraft is a science-fiction futuristic RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game. This game locks three teams in conflict with another. These teams are Terran, Protoss, and Zerg (the first being humans, the second being smart aliens, and the third being... ickier aliens).

Although I can't tell you much about the singleplayer game, because it honestly didn't interest me much, I can tell you about multiplayer and the general gameplay.

You start with a main base building (typical of many RTS games). It is used to construct other buildings, which in turn may make it possible to make even more buildings and units to use in your battles across the game maps. You have to collect "minerals" and some kind of weird "gas" in order to build more things. As you make more units, you will need to have supply depots or some kind of similar structure (if necessary) for whichever side you are playing (supply depots limit the number of units you may have at a given time, more depots equals more units). From there on, each side branches out to its own technology / upgrade tree.

Some typical units on the Terran side are SCV's (Space Construction Vehicles), Marines, Firebats, Goliaths, and Battlecruisers. Units for Protoss include Zealots, Templars, and Archons. The Zerg side has Drones, Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Ultralisks.

You'll wage war across alien landscapes in 2-Dimensional animated glory, and in 640x480 resolution (because apparently it doesn't have better graphics than that - which is really the worst part of this game.) It's also got a nice story, and has well-balanced sides.

This game is pretty old, and has been out for some time. Because of this, it isn't exactly the best game as far as graphics and sound. However, I think the gameplay is awesome. On the Terran side, you can move your buildings because they all have some sort of built in jets (or something), and each side has aerial attack units!

In summary, Starcraft is a great game for some good science-fiction multiplayer fun - just don't buy it expecting it to have the best graphics and sound in the world.

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