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GAME REVIEW - June 14, 2006

by Devon Varesko

Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees (PC)

My Rating: 6.5 out of 10

SWG: Rage of the Wookiees

Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees is an expansion that adds the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk, the Kashyyyk space system, and many new quests to Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. Kashyyyk is a large planet with thick forests and strange - and dangerous - creatures roaming its surface. This planet was featured in the movie Star Wars: Episode 3.

Some new quests include working for Rodian hunters to earn trophies, freeing a prisoner and earning a new mount, starting bounty missions which you finish off-planet (you don't need to be a Bounty Hunter to do these ones), and doing space missions for a local space company.

Rage of the Wookiees offers a unique but linear experience somewhat similar to Knights of the Old Republic. The quests help you feel more like you are part of a larger whole more than most other quests. However, some of the quests become quite repetitive (kill 10 of this, 20 of that, etc.). Some of them are also quite difficult (if not impossible) to do without a group - and it isn't always easy to find groups on Kashyyyk since it's a fairly remote planet without much on it except for the new quests. You also cannot build player structures on Kashyyyk.

In summary, Rage of the Wookiees offers many new quests and chances for extra experience and loot, but if you are looking for more than that, then it won't be worth buying.

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