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GAME REVIEW - June 14, 2006

by Devon Varesko

Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-wan (PC)

My Rating: 7 out of 10

SWG: The Trials of Obi-wan

Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-wan is an expansion that adds the lava-spattered planet Mustafar, to Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. Mustafar is home to a strange lot of creatures whose thick hides allow them to survive the intense heat. There is very little (if any) visible vegetation, and driving over lava pools can give you quite a burn! Apparently its only humanoid population consists of Mustafarians, who mine the lava for valuable resources. This planet was featured in the movie Star Wars: Episode 3.

Trials of Obi-wan adds new quests allowing you to explore the darker corners of Star Wars. Take quests which demand you to make light-side and dark-side decisions, some of which take place in secret underground bunkers, and explore a ship crash site. Wander the wasteland of Mustafar looking for clues to solve puzzles, fixing broken mining equipment, and defeating evil beings.

Trials of Obi-wan is also the first time in the existence of Star Wars Galaxies that there is an undisputable tie to another Star Wars game - Knights of the Old Republic (AKA "KotOR"). After a series of quests, you can battle an old droid called HK-47 from the KotOR series, who has been around way too long, and is determined to cause mischief for the "meatbags".

The bad parts of this game include extended outdoor travel (due to having to dodge lava pits - and bumping into invisible walls), and being unable to find enough group members to complete some of the group missions. However, you can skip some of the outdoor travel by earning a "Lava Skiff" from a quest, which allows you to ride over lava without receiving any injury to yourself.

In summary, Trials of Obi-wan is a mostly-pleasant journey to discover some of the secrets surrounding Episode 3 and some of the KotOR story. You can also aquire equipment, loot, and experience there. Your main difficulty will be getting a group together, but if you have a good guild you should be able to do it together and have lots of fun.

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